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The Original Rugby Championship - Six Nations 2016

Jan 27 2016 02:30 PM | Pot Hale

Oh yes - that moment you've all been dreading has finally arrived. It's that time of year again where you have to put up with occasional NH posters like myself talking about sub-standard kick-infested rugby played on sodden, muddy pitches in front of delirious, frog-munching, haggis-eating, spud-chewing, leek-wearing, pasta-tossing, red-rose tinted fans. All in the name of having some craic, avoiding wooden spoons, taking Triple Crowns, Millennium Trophies, Garibaldi trophy's Calcutta Cups,...

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2015 TSF Team of the Year

Dec 24 2015 09:06 AM | booboo

The prestigious TSF Team of the Year has been named for 2015.

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World Cup Final match thread

Nov 01 2015 07:17 AM | Mick Gold Coast QLD

Well done ABs, worthy champions. Enjoy the spoils, guys. Was great to see Richie and Dan at full flight one last time. Really proud of the Wallabies, so gutsy to get back in the contest in the second half. No disgrace in losing to that team at all. Played our hearts out.The All Blacks were on song in the first half, except for several fumble finger catching efforts, and the Wallabies successfully weathered the storm for that first fifteen minutes to end up three all - that was impressive. T...

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THE Quarterfinal.

Oct 16 2015 03:31 PM | Knock On Wood

The All Blacks should be too strong for France in most facets of play. In 2007 I made a post prior to that QF about how France could go about trying to win after nearly every pundit had written the game off as a foregone conclusion. I perrsonally didn't think France would beat us back then, I just thought there were some obviously targettable areas of the All Blacks' game plan. In the end, the French won that game through tenacious defence, blitzkreig counter-attack and pretty much being all...

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THE Quarterfinal.

Oct 14 2015 07:36 AM | dejo

The 2007 result hammered home that even if the All Blacks play well they can still lose. The outrage directed at the team in 99 and to a lesser degree was they were outplayed. Fans (well me anyway) were pretty confident that if the All Blacks played well we would win. I recall not being worried at all about the 2007 1/4 final. France was crap hell England had knocked out the Aussies - I was thinking of the final against the boks. This time round one game at a time. This. The more I have been...

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Paloma Faith petition

Sep 27 2015 10:05 PM | NTA

I know there's a Seuss style punchline waiting to be crafted there somewhere, maybe a reference to the box of the fox, but frankly I'm still too post-defeat grumpy to take a crack at it.Kinky is as kinky does, Said Catograde with a buzz, Because he gets so hard, yet light, When thinking 'bout that overbite! And eyebrows that are pencilled on, Make little Cato swell so strong, Pale face and thighs and lots of ink, Get him turgid within a blink! Pleased he is, but pity he, Whose old boy will...

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