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Bokke watch 1

Apr 09 2015 10:44 PM | bbarcs

Bbarcs gives his opinion of the likely make up of the 2015 Springboks AND some potential going forward

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A Tribute

Mar 30 2015 01:18 PM | Siam

Siam sums up all our thoughts

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Black Caps bandwagon seat, going once...

Mar 30 2015 07:53 AM | taniwharugby

Think it is time for me to vacate this bandwagon seat and make way for someone else.

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Proposal: Site wide ban on the P word.

Feb 26 2015 01:11 AM | mooshld

The P word being POACH. Look I get it, I grew up playing when trys were worth 4 points and the rugby club was the beating heart of the community. I remember when it meant more to pull on the shirt of your country, then it did to do anything else in sport. But then everything changed and we got franchises and contracts, players associations and collective bargaining, image rights and sabbaticals. The world changed and it was us, the fans that have taken the longest to adjust to it. The top...

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What do you want McCaw to do?

Feb 12 2015 11:05 PM | gollum

I'm looking at my life and wondering what the fuck happened now... Driven people suck! Born at the wrong time. What great adventures do we have to do? Discover the source of the nile, be first to the south pole? Climb everest? Nope. All gone. Can't even climb the pyramids these days without bribing a guard. You'd have to really go some to find a tribe that'd never seen a white man these days, tho' at least in the spirit of the great explorers you'd wipe them out with measels because Starburs...

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What do you want McCaw to do?

Feb 12 2015 05:12 PM | mariner4life

While Richie is free to do what ever the fuck Richie wants (he's fucking earned it), it's sad just thinking about it. We're All Black fans, all of us (even Nick, he's just a self-hating All Black fan), and this glorious bastard has been front and centre of our team for ever. 14 years by the end of the world cup! and not just playing, dominating. Arguably the best player ever, probably our best captain, he's won absolutely everything, sometimes by himself. It's got to the point where he has tr...

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