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England – are they really that good?

Jun 20 2014 04:05 PM | BartMan

As per usual, when this international rugby season kicked off, with the Super teams not doing that well, and players not being in great form, it was all doom and gloom for the All Blacks. The mighty Orc’s from England were going to smash the All Blacks to all corners of the park and take that mighty mythical myth off the men in black.

But really, when you look back, was that ever going to happen?

Lets look at a few cold hard facts about this English team that managed to beat the All Blacks in Mr Lancaster’s first test in charge (A seem to recall Supercoach Dingo Deans first effort against the All Blacks was pretty handy too, before the next 6 years, but we won’t go there).

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Men in Black v Men in White Test 1- Eden Park....

Jun 11 2014 12:11 AM | Knock On Wood

Knock on Wood's excellent summation

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RIP - Frank Oliver

Mar 19 2014 09:05 AM | Victor Meldrew

Sad day. One of the hardest men to pull on the black shirt, I wrote a piece about Frank Oliver yonks ago for Bartman & the Silver Fern. I've dug it out for posterity "Frank Oliver Came into the All Blacks at a time when NZ forward play was lagging behind the NH and instilled some serious hardness to the team. Very much an engine-room lock forward, he was as hard as nails and gave no quarter. Never dirty, but impossible to intimidate, he was in the Robin Brooke/Keith Robinson mould. “...

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Six Nations talk

Mar 12 2014 08:50 PM | Luigi

Whichever way it ends up I'm pretty pleased with England's progress. We got killed by the bounce of the ball and typical gallic insouciance against France, but rallied with tough wins against Ireland and Wales, albeit at home. I didn't think there would be a grand slam this year and although it would have been great to be in a position to get one against Italy this weekend, I think the loss against France keeps us honest for next year. There's a certain symmetry to the years leading up to 20...

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NRL: Warriors - 2014 preview

Feb 07 2014 11:58 AM | Sneakdefreak

The 2014 pre-season for the Warriors kicks off at North Harbour Stadium on Sunday when the side faces the Gold Coast Titans and next week tries to win the first Auckland Nines competition at Eden Park. On paper, and it seems always on paper, the Warriors have one of the deepest rosters in the National Rugby League. While there are some positions to be filled by those who departed after the 2013 season, the deserters are hardly irreplaceable. The 2014 season will come down to whether coach Ma...

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Robber Barons hijack world cricket

Jan 29 2014 05:18 PM | Siam

The tragedy of this proposal is the bottom figure in the table - Associates going from approx 500 mill to 200 mill. Basically the BCCI hoovering up that money These are all the countries you never here about including Ireland, Afghanistan, Scotland and a few others on the world stage in t20 and world cups In Thailand for example, the money they get now (from the ACC which comes from the ICC) means simply that cricket has grown tremendously in the last 10 years - ditto for Nepal, Myanmar, Ch...

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