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Sid's Second annual Springbok report card

Nov 25 2013 08:19 PM | SidBarret in Front Page

So it is that time of year again where we look back on the year that was. I wanted to copy the format of last year's post, but couldn't find any excuses and frankly there was little need for them. The springbok record read 10 wins from 12 games, 47 t...

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Who's gonna be upset this week in the Novem...

Nov 07 2013 03:05 AM | NH Fan in Front Page

This coming weekend sees the proper start to the month-long fest of rugby internationals – mainly between Northern and Southern Hemisphere foes.

The IRB have lined up 37 internationals for the month of November (and a little bit of December for those unions looking to make an extra buck or two outside the international window).

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Gen Y - the (an) Aussie perspective

Oct 17 2013 04:06 PM | Mick Gold Coast QLD in Front Page

Leaving out the the feeling hurty bits about "Generation This or That", which dispenses with criticism and consequent dismissal for "generalisation" (which is illegal even in short journalistic opinion pieces, evidently) and, one trusts, cleanses away...

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Chiefs vs Force

May 10 2013 11:01 PM | WillieTheWaiter in Front Page

William the Waiter enjoys a night out at the rugby in Pukekohe, not the South Pacific of the Mediterranean, or even the South Korea of the Mediterranean, more like just a wet bumcrack gone dark.

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Club Footy

May 01 2013 08:52 PM | justin77 in Front Page

He didn't write it as far as I'm aware the clubs were asked to,provide info - whats printed from Mid Northern is the exact copy that was given to Brad aat NRU so there's no writing involved there

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"Do not go gentle into that good night"...

Mar 05 2013 09:13 AM | BartMan in Front Page

Or the rise and fall and rise and fall of the Crusaders (for a bonus point, name that programme)...
So three rounds completed, some superb footy played if you are a Chiefs and a Blues fan, and not much to show for effort for the Crusaders and the Hurricanes.

Sure, the Crusaders have only had one game, and were playing against a team that had already had a hit out in the Blues. But.

But, it was only one game, and both sides have had plenty of warm up fixtures. It was also not just a loss, it was a shafting. Five, FIVE tries to zero, zip, nadda, nothing. The Crusaders could not score a five pointer in 80 minutes of endeavour. I think the old attack coach, Mr Gibson now in Sydney would be quietly chuckling into his Tooheys. Mr Mauger and Mr Matson however, won't be. Another but to add into this though, we don't know just how good this Blues defence is as yet. The Hurricanes managed a penalty try last week, a dubious one at that, so the blues have not conceded an earned try yet this season in 160 minutes of rugby. However, good or bad, as it stands, the Crusaders won't be happy with 80 minutes and no five pointers.

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