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NRL: Warriors - 2015 Preview

Jan 28 2015 08:48 PM | Sneakdefreak in Front Page

When the NRL Auckland Nines tournament kicks off this weekend at Eden Park it will signal the start of the 20th season for the Warriors. Twenty years and not one single premiership title. None. Nada. Zippo. Not a single bloody thing in twenty bloody ye...

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Article: RWC - A view from 11 months out

Dec 04 2014 08:42 PM | Tregaskis in Front Page

Long time listener, first time caller etc. The ABs are the individual team most likely to win RWC, but I'd still say our chance of winning are no better than 50% even if things go right. We have strength all across the park, and if we avoid injuries t...

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RWC - A view from 11 months out

Dec 01 2014 02:48 PM | Crucial in Front Page

As you may be aware, in 11 months’ time the 8th running of the Rugby World Cup will be over and photos of the victorious team holding ‘Wiremu’ will be all over the papers. So this far out what do we know? We know that we don’t know who will win, that’...

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Ireland v Australia, Lansdowne Road, 22 Novembe...

Nov 18 2014 11:36 PM | Pot Hale in Front Page

As Ireland head for a tense showdown with Michael Cheika’s Australia, they find themselves (having beat Georgia last weekend) surprisingly occupying third spot on the IRB rankings. Heady stuff. It's eight years since they were last there. This won’...

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Rugby League: Kiwis squad

Nov 16 2014 12:40 AM | Sneakdefreak in Front Page

All I can say is thank Christ the Kiwis won otherwise the battle of Courtney Place would be raging right at this moment..... I wasn't going to attend the game (being superstitious and all that) but a mate rang me at 3pm asking if I was keen to go sinc...

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AB's Team v England

Nov 09 2014 11:49 AM | Razbra in Front Page

On Owen Penalty try was good I thought as well. No card for a cynical off side in front of their own posts was bullshit. Coles deserved the card and I have no problem with him over ruling the TMO. The conversation between Owens and his TMO was hila...

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